Rise of the Mortokai

A young mage on a mission. A destiny he must avoid. One mistake could bring down his world…

Albino half-faerie Daniel Welsh may have won the Beltane Festival Games, but he still has a job to do. And when the grimoire he’s tasked with delivering is nearly stolen a second time, he realizes he must bolster his magic. But he’s terrified to try when a prophetic dream reveals he’ll destroy everything he loves.

Returning to Earth from the faerie realm, Daniel plans for a proper goodbye to his family. But after being tormented by his old school bullies, what’s left of his confidence is destroyed. And when shadow vampires bent on his destruction follow him home, he may not survive to fulfill his frightening vision.

Can Daniel live long enough to master his power and avert the inevitable?

Rise of the Mortokai is the second novel in the captivating YA fantasy series, The Chronicles of Daniel Welsh. If you like plucky underdogs, colorful companions, and powerful mystics, then you’ll love D G Palmer’s coming-of-age adventure.

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